Edible stories for children

Deliciously healthy cookies with a story that make both kids and parents happy.

Fable Cookies is an innovative way to introduce Indian folk tales to children today. The story box is a bonding activity to share with your children to encourage reading. The story box ignites the imagination of the child to bring voices to the cookie characters and lets them come alive. 

Each box has a colourful illustration of the story on the cover as well as the written tale at the back and includes 8 yum- all natural animal shaped cookies. Currently we have 2 varieties - Butter Cookies and Coconut Cookies. The animal shaped cookies are individually wrapped and can be conveniently carried as a snack to school or the playground. 

We are working on a few more classic stories to expand our range of offerings in unique flavours.


edible stories

Cookies with a story... 

Elephant & Mouse - Butter Cookies

8 handcrafted elephant and mouse shape cookies with
all natural ingredients.

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Crocodile & Monkey -
Coconut Cookies

8 handcrafted Crocodile & Monkey shaped cookies with all natural ingredients.

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about fable cookies

We are a start up company with a deep-rooted philosophy in providing tasty and wholesome snack options with only the finest natural ingredients. We have all heard the Panchatantra stories as little kids. We thought this would be a fun and tasty way of passing on these stories to the next generation.

Our FSSAI licensed manufacturing facility in Coimbatore, India has state of the art equipment and our quality processes are second to none.

Handmade: We have over 10 ladies who painstakingly measure, sift, pour, knead, mold, press and bake all the cookies by hand. We are trying to bring back the human aspect to making our food that has been lost. We have trained staff who handle the cookies by instinct, consistency and smell the same way our mothers and grandmothers cook even till today.

All natural ingredients: When you eat our cookies you will be transported back to a simpler time when you could smell the wet grass, hear the birds chirp and feel the sand under your feet. We can only do this by keep our ingredients all natural and free from additives. We use the highest quality ingredients, which we source locally and that promote local producers.

Quality Checks: Murali our in house production manager keeps a close watch for broken feet, nipped ears and cracked tails before baking. After baking Mani looks out for even baking and consistency in color. Our process is a manual process, which takes time and effort.